Friday, June 30, 2006

king of the swingers

When I was a boy I loved watching Tarzan with Ron Ely as the eponymous hero and Manuel Padilla jr as his sidekick Jai. Something about running around barefoot appealed to me (still does) as did swinging from vine to vine. I really wanted to live in the jungle with Tarzan and Jai and have a pet chimp like Cheetah (still want that pet chimp). I envied Jai and probably wanted to be him or at least be his best friend. I also probably had some idea that Manuel Padilla jr was an actor with one of the best jobs around. I checked the net and discovered that Manuel recently turned 50. This came as a shock because I always thought he was closer to my age. I guess Ron Ely must be close to 70.

I'm not sure, but I was possibly a bit too young to be sexually aroused by Tarzan clad only in his lap-lap, though he certainly stirred something in me (still does). I'd love to meet Ron Ely one day and I'd still like to swing with him

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

reading my blog

I think the people at Rove Live have been reading my blog. How else do you explain the strange occurrence last night of both beloved Bernard and dastardly Darren appearing on the same show? I don't make a habit of watching Rove Live but I was happy to stick around when I heard him announce these two "special" guests. Unfortunately for Jon, who was in bed beside me, it meant there was no hanky panky because my interest was elsewhere!

Monday, June 26, 2006

coincidence file > booksellers

Since living in Sydney I've worked in three different bookstores (though not for a while) and on Sunday I came into contact with former colleagues from all three. I was in a recently opened second hand bookstore on Oxford Street, Paddington when I realised that the girl working there was someone I worked with briefly in my last bookshop. When I came out of that second hand bookshop I walked past the shop where we'd worked together (also on Oxford Street) and I noticed that the girl behind the counter was a girl I'd worked with at my second bookshop. Then when Jon and I got to an inner west shopping centre we were wandering around the supermarket aisles when I almost ran into my former boss from the first bookshop I'd worked in. And I didn't say hello to any of them

insatiable fantasy

Weeks ago I secretly bought two tickets to see Darren Hayes in concert at the Opera House on July 4th. At the time I wasn't even sure who I'd give the other ticket to. See, there's something I don't like about Darren Hayes (formerly one half of Savage Garden), but at the same time, there's something I find very alluring about him. I don't understand. Maybe that's why I kept it secret. I do find him sexy and talented, but there's something phoney and potentially cruel about him. At least that's my perception. I've never met the guy, so what would I know?

I wasn't sure whether I wanted to ask Jon to the concert, even though we're acting like a couple (spending lots n lots of time together). And now I confess that the reason for this - my delay in asking him - is because I've been harbouring some secret fantasy where Darren Hayes becomes as intrigued by me as I am by him. In my fantasy I would meet him after the show when a mutual friend introduces us (what were you expecting? A scenario where a roadie picks me out of the crowd and takes me backstage? Hmm, I ain't groupie trash). See, this "mutual friend" does exist (he is going to the concert) and with this in mind I just let my imagination go a-wandering...

Then over the weekend, Jon casually said he'd like us to go to the Opera House some time. My response was something like, "well maybe next week", but I didn't elaborate because I still wasn't sure if I'd ask him. And even if I did, I wasn't sure he'd be interested. I had an opportunity to sus things out when we were out and about somewhere and I heard Savage Garden playing (most likely a shopping centre), but I let the moment pass.

On my way home tonight I was walking up Oxford Street, Darlinghurst when who should be coming towards me - Darren Hayes (yakking on his mobile phone) - and no one was paying any attention ('cept me of course). And this gave me an opportunity when I later spoke to Jon. "I saw Darren Hayes on Oxford Street.." I told him. It turns out, yes, Jon would be interested in seeing him in concert (but not if he had to pay) blah blah blah. I've kept it all a bit cryptic with Jon. He doesn't know how long I've had the tickets or how much I paid. I even hinted that maybe Darren Hayes gave me the tickets for free after I saw him in Oxford Street tonight!

The funny thing is, when I saw Darren Hayes in the street tonight, he didn't look nearly as potent as I'd imagined. I'd probably still bonk him though. I'll let you know...

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Here's another pic of my latest crush - Bernard Fanning. I never tire of listening to his soulful singing voice. I wish he would serenade me in my bed *sigh*

Saturday, June 24, 2006

abi n noel

OH MY GOD! I've just remembered that Abigail and Noel Trevarthen played opposite each other in the early days of the Grundy's soapie, The Young Doctors (1976-83). This profound realisation came to me as I was scrolling down my blog and saw the pics of both of them. Noel played Philip Winter, a wealthy businessman who ended up being a patient at the Albert Memorial Hospital (where the series was set) and Abigail played Hilary Templeton, his hotshot PA. They were the first big-name guest stars to appear in the show. I think Noel's character got stabbed, but Abi stuck around a bit longer and teamed up with pop star Georgie Saint (Mark Hembrow). I mentioned earlier (in the previous post) how obsessive I can be, well, Aussie TV (and actors) is where it probably all began

look what i found on eBay yesterday

Apart from Abigail's autobiography, the other gap in my collection is her self titled album (also from the early '70s). Now I've filled that gap with this treasure. I couldn't believe my luck when I found it listed on eBay yesterday. And it was for sale, not auction, so I snapped it up straight away. Then I realised it was a CD and not vinyl, so it's not the original, but what the heck, the cover's the same. And as a special bonus it comes with other tracks I've never been able to find. In 1972, Abigail's Number 96 co-star Johnny Lockwood (Aldo Godolfus) released a comedy single. On one side he sings In my deli on the telly and on the flip side he sings Number 96. These songs are on the CD. The kooky thing is, it's coming all the way from America...

I emailed the guy I bought the CD from and asked how such a treasure ended up in the States. It turns out the guy grew up in Sydney, but has lived in California for 10 years. It also turns out he's a HUGE Number 96 fan, so I've found a new friend. We spent the afternoon playing email pingpong comparing notes on all things 96.

In case you haven't figured it out, I'm somewhat okay, VERY obsessive. I've decided over the next few weeks (months?) I'll tell you about some of my obsescapades

Thursday, June 22, 2006

coincidence file > dog n bone

My friend Alex rang yesterday to ask me for the phone number of someone else. As we were yakking away I heard those beeps that let you know when someone else is calling. When I finished the call I checked to see who had phoned and it was the person whose number I had just given to Alex

Later, I was on the dog n bone (phone) to another friend, Harry. I asked him about a mutual friend of ours, Kate, saying I would call her later. When I called Kate's house her flatmate (who I've never met) answered and said, "Hi Harry". I said, "It's Nash, but I've just been speaking to Harry."

boots or books?

Ok, let me get this over n done with. I didn't win the eBay auction. I don't have Abi's book to fill the gaping gap in my collection. I have to wait a little longer... *sigh*

My addiction (yes, I admit it) to eBay has resurfaced. Yesterday I had a day off and spent most of my time on the net (well it was a cold n rainy day). I ended up buying a couple of items on eBay, things I just couldn't do without. Someone was selling the sheet music to Je T'aime and I had to have it. I had to pay big bucks for it too, but I've never seen this anywhere before, so I know how rare it must be. As I walked up to the bank in Paddington to pay for it I realised how expensive it can be to have a day off. I also realised I may have to get my priorities in order. See, I have a hole in the sole of my right boot, which, because of the rain, meant I got a wet sock. The sheet music cost me $86 (including $2 postage). A pair of new boots would be cheaper.

Last night (after my sock had finally dried out) it got to about 7:30 and I couldn't wait any longer. I placed my bid for Abi's book. It had been a slow auction to start with, but then it jumped from 11 cents to $12. My highest bid was $150. Then I decided to take a break from the auction and I walked up the street to buy something for dinner. On my way home I made a pledge - I would NOT go higher than $150. I would put my trust in the Universe and if I was meant to get the book I'd get it. If not, the Universe will give it to me when the time is right (I just wish it would hurry up). By the time I arrived back home (my sock now wet again) there were only fifteen minutes or so until the end of the auction. I checked the bidding. It's all a bit of a haze, but in the last few minutes I was outbid. And then I increased my bid. $160. I was once again the highest bidder. Then I was outbid again. With less than a minute to go I turned into a frenzied maniac. I increased my bid to $200. And then the auction was over. In the last few seconds someone (insert derogatory name here) placed the winning bid of $255. I can only assume they became as frenzied as I did. I can't believe someone was willing to pay that much for darling Abi's rare book. I hope they don't have to go without a decent pair of shoes. And I hope the surprised seller enjoys their windfall

Monday, June 19, 2006

Noel Trevarthen

I don't want this blog to be about dead actors, but I just found out another of my favourite performers has recently died...

I was at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum yesterday afternoon for a lecture, which was part of the On The Box exhibition celebrating 50 years of Australian TV. Actress Ilona Rodgers was on the panel talking about her career and in particular her roles in The Sullivans, Prisoner and Sons & Daughters. Towards the end of the session she said something in passing, which shocked - and still saddens - me. She commented on the recent death of actor Noel Trevarthen. I mentioned Noel just the other week in the posting where I mourn the loss of Eddie Hepple. Now I have to say farewell to Noel.

Born in 1938, Noel Trevarthen enjoyed a successful career as an actor in England, Australia and his native New Zealand since the 1950s. He first came to my attention when I was a kid watching him as Bob in The Rovers, but he'd actually appeared in one of this country's earliest attempts at Television drama, a series called Motel. He later popped up in soapies such as The Young Doctors (playing opposite Abigail), The Restless Years and The Sullivans. However the role that brought him the acclaim and recognition he deserved was as Gerard Kent in Carson's Law, the quality Crawford's series set in the 1920s. As the somewhat sinister manservant to patriarch Godfrey Carson (played so wonderfully by Kevin Miles), Noel proved he was more than just a swarthy soapy actor. He would receive both peer and audience voted awards for his memorable portrayal of Gerard and when Carson's Law came to an end there was talk of spinning the character off into his own series. Sadly this never eventuated, but Noel went on to many other roles in film and television, including ANZACS, Dusty and Neighbours. He returned to live in New Zealand where he continued to act and the last time I saw him on screen was purely by chance. He was appearing opposite Ilona Rodgers in the TV series Hercules. The two were great friends so it's somehow fitting that Ilona should be the one to tell me the news of Noel's passing. What a shame we've lost another lovely actor who made a great contribution to our screen culture, yet his death goes almost unnoticed...

Monday, June 12, 2006

certain treasures

About a year or so ago I discovered eBay and for a while became a bit addicted to it. See, I'm a big collector of memorabilia - TV, film, theatre, music (and that's just for starters). Instead of being limited to my usual method of tracking down certain treasures - scouring markets and junk shops - a whole new world opened up to me. The great thing about eBay is it makes obscure stuff more accessible. One of my collections is Aussie showbiz biographies. I know everyone's writing their memoirs these daze, but this wasn't always the case. One of the first, back in 1973, was Australian TV's original sex symbol, Abigail, the sultry star who rose to fame as Bev Houghton in Number 96. Her autobiography, Call Me Abigail, is the one gaping gap in my otherwise impeccable collection. Another great thing about eBay is the facility to automatically search for items. So for the past however-many-months I've patiently been waiting for Abigail to crop up. Well, you can imagine my excitement when I logged on to my email account yesterday and there she was in all her buxom glory at a starting price of just $4. And with not one single bid. My search was over, or so I thought. Unfortunately, the auction was also over...

I've literally been waiting years to find this treasure and I can't believe that when it finally turns up I miss out on it by a few hours (because of some eBay search malfunction). Thankfully it remained unsold, so I've emailed the seller and asked if I can just buy it from them, but I'm not sure what their response will be. I guess if he/she won't sell it to me I'll just have to bid next time it's up for auction. I know it's only a book, but it really is the missing link, the lost jewel and I HAVE TO HAVE IT. Why is the Universe being so cruel? It's too hard for me to be optimistic and look on the bright side (there's actually an autographed copy coming along if I just wait a lil bit longer, yeah right). Sure, there's a lesson somewhere in all this - though I've got no idea what it is.
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