Thursday, June 22, 2006

boots or books?

Ok, let me get this over n done with. I didn't win the eBay auction. I don't have Abi's book to fill the gaping gap in my collection. I have to wait a little longer... *sigh*

My addiction (yes, I admit it) to eBay has resurfaced. Yesterday I had a day off and spent most of my time on the net (well it was a cold n rainy day). I ended up buying a couple of items on eBay, things I just couldn't do without. Someone was selling the sheet music to Je T'aime and I had to have it. I had to pay big bucks for it too, but I've never seen this anywhere before, so I know how rare it must be. As I walked up to the bank in Paddington to pay for it I realised how expensive it can be to have a day off. I also realised I may have to get my priorities in order. See, I have a hole in the sole of my right boot, which, because of the rain, meant I got a wet sock. The sheet music cost me $86 (including $2 postage). A pair of new boots would be cheaper.

Last night (after my sock had finally dried out) it got to about 7:30 and I couldn't wait any longer. I placed my bid for Abi's book. It had been a slow auction to start with, but then it jumped from 11 cents to $12. My highest bid was $150. Then I decided to take a break from the auction and I walked up the street to buy something for dinner. On my way home I made a pledge - I would NOT go higher than $150. I would put my trust in the Universe and if I was meant to get the book I'd get it. If not, the Universe will give it to me when the time is right (I just wish it would hurry up). By the time I arrived back home (my sock now wet again) there were only fifteen minutes or so until the end of the auction. I checked the bidding. It's all a bit of a haze, but in the last few minutes I was outbid. And then I increased my bid. $160. I was once again the highest bidder. Then I was outbid again. With less than a minute to go I turned into a frenzied maniac. I increased my bid to $200. And then the auction was over. In the last few seconds someone (insert derogatory name here) placed the winning bid of $255. I can only assume they became as frenzied as I did. I can't believe someone was willing to pay that much for darling Abi's rare book. I hope they don't have to go without a decent pair of shoes. And I hope the surprised seller enjoys their windfall


Blogger Miss Litzi said...

Hi Nash,
It’s so easy to get caught up in a bidding frenzy on eBay; “just one more small bid increase, and it’ll be mine”. Look on the bright side; you helped the seller of Je T’aime make $255. and you saved yourself $200. With all the money you didn’t spend on the book, maybe you can buy yourself a decent pair of shoes now!

I’m one of those awful people who “snipe” at the last possible second for everything I bid on. Most of the time I get the item, but I’ve overpaid on numerous occasions. It’s like an adrenalin rush to beat out all the other bidders!

This is a great post!

June 22, 2006 12:31 PM  
Blogger Sheila said...

Dear Nash,
Dont you think that Abigail looks beautiful here. She has a sort of European look (famous french actress sort of stare). What a star!

June 26, 2006 12:32 PM  

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