Friday, February 29, 2008


About 7 months ago I was on the phone to my Mum when I mentioned I was thinking of returning to Melbourne. After 7 years living in Sydney I'd reached a point where I began questioning what was keeping me there. My Mum told me she and my Dad were travelling around Australia for 4 months and if I wanted to I could house-sit for them while they were away. That's pretty much how I ended up back in Melbourne, back home...

Life was going along at a leisurely pace for a while, but that changed about a fortnight ago. I moved out of my parent's house to a share house (with one other person and a dog) in St Kilda and I got myself a job in a bookstore. I moved on the weekend of the 16th/17th and before I had time to unpack all my boxes (mostly books) I started work on the 19th. So once again life has been hectic. The same week I started work I decided to treat myself to a 6 film pass to see some Gus Van Sant films. Even less time at home to unpack. I saw the last of the 6 films - Elephant - tonight then I raced home so I could post on this once-in-4-years day. Actually I didn't race home, I came straight to my friend and neighbour's house to use his computer (and internet) while he's out seeing Margaret Cho. I haven't got the net on at home yet. No wonder I've been absent from the blogosphere

Oh, this week I also started a screenwriting course. It's all happening. I've got a new home, a new job and a new beginning. My leap of faith is paying off. And as soon as I'm back on the net you'll be hearing a lot more from me...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

bullies - conclusion

It's me again - Gypsy. When I first decided to do my guest appearance on drift I had no idea I would decide to do a series. Well I guess whoever has been keeping up with this may wish to know how everything turned out in the end. So here goes...

In the end Big Mike got 15 days Solitary for the two fights. He got out of Solitary and the next day Ashly and he got back together. So once again they are a couple. I've seen Big Mike. He shook my hand and told me "thank you" for stopping him; told me that sometimes he scares himself and can't control his anger. I just looked him in the eye and I told him you don't hurt the one you love. I told him if you love that boy keep your hands off him period. All he did was look at me. We have not talked since that day nor has Ashly spoken to me. I think maybe Ashly is ashamed of the fact that he went back to Big Mike after I saved him. Who knows?

Sometimes I wonder why I can't seem to mind my own business. I mean, every time I stop a fight it seems like it doesn't do any good. Who am I to try to save the world? I'm in prison, just as they are, but it's like there are two of me and when I see somebody who does not wish to fight being made to fight I step up and say to hell with it, "He does not wish to fight you, but I will." Sometimes the fight ends there, sometimes I have to fight. And I really can't stand to fight.

Ashly went back to Big Mike and I'll never for the life of me understand why. I just hope next time he doesn't hurt Ashly as he tried before 'cause you don't hurt the one you love

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