Tuesday, December 25, 2007

dolly christmas

I'd like Dolly on top of my Christmas tree

Wishing you all a peaceful silly season and a rowdy new year

Love & Blessings
Nash xx

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


This is my first - and hopefully not my last - guest appearance on drift. They call me Gypsy and I am in a prison in the American state of Texas...

Sometimes I sit back and I contemplate why grown men feel like they have to be bullies and pick on weaker men who cannot fight or defend themselves. It's wrong. It doesn't matter if we're in prison or not - it still should not give grown men the right to act like children. A while back I had a gay friend who goes by the name Paloma. Well he got involved with what I like to call the "so-called straight man" (which is a person who was not gay before they came to prison yet who comes in here and starts messing with a gay man and still calls himself "straight". Yeah, right). Well this so-called straight man had a bad habit of trying to run the life of my friend Paloma and told Paloma he had no choice but to be with him - which is wrong. A person should not be able to force another person to be with him regardless if we gays are the minorities in prison or not

So as not to bore all you readers (and to make a long story short) I stepped in and made the so-called straight man leave Paloma alone - which I should not have had to do, but bullies will be bullies and most bullies truly are cowards. Now Paloma is free from the bonds of the bully even though the bully still gives us both evil looks. I just wish more people would stand up and put an end to the bullies who try to run most prisons

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