Tuesday, October 30, 2007

ears n ears

My sudden departure from Sydney 3 months ago was aided by a phone conversation (landline to landline, thank you) with my Mum during which I mentioned I was thinking of returning to Melbourne. My parents do the grey nomad thing every year so Mum suggested I could house-sit their place in Croydon, Victoria where I grew up. For 4 months

So that's where I am. Back where it all began. Before I left Sydney I stayed with my lovely ex-missus, her partner and their 3 girls for a week in which I felt like I was launching off into a new adventure. I'd been away from home for 7 years. I'm happy to be back. One way I decided to look at this new chapter is by imagining I'm leaving high school again. What would I do differently this time round? How can I be more prepared, have clearer direction to set a prosperous pathway into the future. Life, career and the whole darn thing. And of course that includes a relationship (despite having cancelled my profile "LatinoLooks" on the gay dating site. I was on 7 hotlists you know. Sizzling?)

Croydon. I'm living in the same street (different house) where I lived from around 1974 to about 1990. I'm spending time with family and friends, seeing plays, shooting pool, planting beetroot, picking beans, missing my friends in Sydney and the blogosphere, avoiding doing my tax return (what the hell, I've got until tomorrow), celebrating birthdays, meditating, working, smoking and drinking Dad's home brew, writing, walking and catching trains. And I'm bumping into people all over the place. People from my past. People I haven't seen for years and years. But I still nose ya
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