Monday, January 07, 2008


G'day everyone and welcome to 2008. Glad you could make it. In the non-cyber world I'm still writing "December" even though I should be writing "January". At least I get the year correct. Things can only get better...

I will make an effort to post a lot more this year, so you'll just have to keep watching. In the meantime, Gypsy has sent his responses to comments on his "bullies" post (I see Miss Litzi is on the ball!) and he's also written a part II

Happy New Year!

bullies II

Everybody should remember me from my last guest appearance on drift, but if not I'm known as Gypsy

Well, a few weeks ago I almost got into a lot of trouble with the prison guards for stopping a fight with a bully they call Big Mike and his boyfriend who goes by the name Ashly. Ashly got a new gay cellmate who had just been transferred to this unit. Big Mike straight off assumed that they had to be messing around so he told Ashly's new cellmate that he had to move out of the cell he shared with Ashly or he was going to beat him up. Well about 10 minutes or so later the picket boss lady told Big Mike to put his shirt on or she would write him a case (a case is what the guards write up to put us on restriction for breaking the rules and we can lose commissary privileges, recreation privileges etc). Well Big Mike flips off the picket boss lady and tells her to F off. So she tells him he now has a case for sure. So Big Mike starts yelling "You going to write me a case? You going to write me a case? Here, write this up" and he runs over to Ashly's cellmate who happens to be sitting down, knocks him to the ground and kicks at his face. Then he runs over to Ashly and yells "Here, write this up." He hits Ashly, knocks him to the ground and tries to stomp his head in.

So once again without even thinking about what I was doing I jump up, yank my shirt off and yell at Big Mike "Stop now. If you wish to still fight then fight me. Leave them both alone now or I'll deal with you myself." He stops, he looks at me crazy. He tells Ashly he loves him and is sorry. Ashly gets brave now that I am on his side. He gets in Big Mike's face yelling "F you. Fight him, fight Gypsy. He wants to fight you. Don't be scared now. You don't want to fight Gypsy cause you are a coward and he's a man. Fight Gypsy."

Well Big Mike goes into the stairway to build his courage then he yells "Gypsy, this is the second time you have gotten in my business. Let's do this." (meaning fight). So I brace myself for the fight to come. He runs up and stops again and decides not to fight me. So now the guards finally get here after taking their sweet time, see me without a shirt etc and throw me in handcuffs. In the end they find out I was the one who stopped everything. I got in no trouble - only got sent back to my cell - and I've not yet seen Big Mike again. Hopefully I don't...
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